The North Shore Agricultural Society would like to invite you to attend our Laird Fair! The Laird Fair is an annual agricultural fair and exhibition that has been a tradition in Laird Township since the 1880s. It is held during the third weekend of every August and this year it will be held from August 19th-21st. The Laird Fair features events and activities that appeal to all ages including Friday and Saturday night concerts, indoor exhibits, various horse shows, and tractor displays and shows, among various other exciting activities. Annually, the Fair attracts close to 4,000 people from across Ontario and Michigan to participate in and spectate the various events that take place over the weekend. Check out our events section on this website to get even more details on this years and next years festivities. We are located on Lake George Road just past Echo Bay, Ontario. For directions see the Google Map under the 'Contact Us' section. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: As with any event of this size, we need lots of people to help it go off smoothly. If you could lend us an hour or a day, please let us know. High School Students can get their community hours! (See Contact Us for details)

Admission Costs
  • Friday Night:       $5.00
  • Saturday:       $5.00
  • Sunday:       $5.00
  • Weekend Pass:       $10.00 (Fri/Sat/Sun)
  • Under 12:       Donate a non-perishable good. (Which will be given to a food bank)
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